Road Tripping

Road trips are some of my favorite getaways. I love to jump in the car and drive. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly, but the simplicity of getting in the car to get to my destination fills me with an instant gratification. There are no lines or security checkpoints and I can usually arrive someplace in a matter of hours. It all starts with an idea of where to explore. Next, I enjoy planning out the route, setting up my accommodations and then packing my bags. My love of road trips stems back to a simpler time when my family could not afford airfare for five people. We would road trip from north Jersey to the shore and stay on Long Beach Island for a week. We called it going down the shore. I remember heading to Gettysburg and learning about the Civil War. I was intrigued by the stories about the area and the battles that took place there. Or that trip we took to Virginia Beach, when I found a zillion shells and kept them at home in a jar as a keepsake from the trip. I loved the journey as much as the destination. I also loved the roadside food stops along the way. I had simpler tastes then, I ordered a burger and fries with a vanilla shake everywhere we stopped. I plan to do some road tripping in the new year and I will keep you posted on where I am headed. Maybe I will even inspire you to plan a getaway of your own.

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