Social Distance and Silver Linings

I looked back at my calendar the other day and realized I had hit my sixth week of social distancing since the Corona Virus changed our daily lives. During this time, I have experienced every emotion from worry, to hope, about the state of our entire world.

There are days when I just want to wake up from this collective nightmare and go out without thinking about the danger and continually washing everything down with Clorox wipes. I miss the simple things, like visits with friends for coffee, trying a new restaurant, or heading out to a movie. At times I hit a low, and then I remember to count my blessings.

My family members are safe in various cities, both near and far. I am quarantining with my husband, who is employed and working from home. And, while I am not technically able to work like I used to, my days are filled with opportunities and silver linings. With an abundance of time, I have found ways to sharpen my skills or just stay in sweatpants and binge an entertaining show on TV. With a lot of time, I can decide how to spend it.

Cooking on Instagram Live With Christina Tosi

I love movies. Thanks to Focus Features, I streamed the first-run production of Emma at home. In a unique offering, a recipe was posted on Instagram for a Victorian Sponge. I always loved baking, but it isn’t something I do often. I found it therapeutic to challenge myself, and the results were delicious. It gave me the courage to follow celebrity Pastry Chef Christina Tosi on Instagram and join her baking club. She shows up every day at 2:00 pm to teach anyone who shows up. I look forward to baking with her as often as I can.

I take daily long walks with my dog, and one day, I was treated to the first beginnings of spring as the colors exploded in my neighborhood. It’s impressive when you can look around and take in the beauty of your surroundings. I breathed deeply and paused to experience the splendor.

I have the time and the energy it takes to cook again. I prepare dinner every night and have rediscovered my passion for cooking with and without recipes. It feels nourishing to eat healthy meals and enjoy them with my husband. We set the table, open wine, and savor the experience of being together at the end of the day.

I tried to level – up and learn new skills. I found webinars and Zoom calls to learn about the travel industry so that when this ends, I will have a bank of knowledge to work from. I also connected with friends and family via those apps and felt a sense of connection in having the face to face sessions. It helped to lessen the loneliness.

Instagram Training With Carla Biesinger

I found free opportunities to tour museums, places around the world and even ride the FROZEN ride at Epcot virtually. I am a travel addict, and with the help of these opportunities, I was allowed to travel again.

No one knows what the world will look like in a few months, but I am thankful for the silver linings. I am eternally grateful for the healthcare workers (including my friends) on the front line. I am also thankful for the selfless people who soldier on while the rest of us wait for the pandemic to end. I pray for those who lost loved ones and who are suffering from illness or loneliness, and I am keeping the faith that we will see this end soon. Stay safe and healthy and stay home.