Foodie Friends in San Antonio, Texas


Charcuterie Board at Cured


My husband Tony travels for his job. While his work trips can separate us more than we like, sometimes our schedules align, and I can join him. I know this is not vacation together, and even though I miss his companionship, I totally respect his commitments to meetings and dinners. I remind myself that I am just traveling solo but with my husband. On the flip side, it is an excellent opportunity to explore on my own.

When Tony is in meetings, I check out the city. I adore wandering through the neighborhoods and checking out the sites, the boutiques and the galleries. When I go into a store, I inevitably end up talking with the people I meet inside. Usually, everyone is so friendly and open, so when I get into a conversation, I typically ask my new acquaintances about where to eat in their hometowns. I love to discover the restaurants that local people think are worth visiting and the attractions that are worthwhile. Actually, I get some of my best suggestions this way.

On Tony’s recent trip to San Antonio, Texas, I tagged along. He had a free day before his conference, so we got the chance to be tourists together. I had been given a tip to visit the funky shopping and dining area in the re-gentrified Pearl neighborhood. The suggestion was spot on. We arrived there around 11:00 am, and we had not eaten breakfast. The community was buzzing with people of all ages strolling through an early morning farmers market. There were coffee shops, bakeries, a wine bar, and really hip retail and outdoor spaces. We were both eager to check it out.


Open Space in Pearl


We knew we wanted to eat so we walked into “Cured” restaurant and asked if we could grab a table for brunch. Without a reservation, we would have had a long wait, but the hostess suggested sitting at the “bar” table. The reviews were excellent, and we were starving, so we jumped at the chance to eat there. We saw two bar stools next to a couple, and they smiled at us as we took our places. Common tables can be awkward (especially when you sit at a bar-style table) but these folks seemed really lovely.

We were looking at the menu when their food arrived. I peered over and made a comment about how delicious it all looked. We ended up talking all through breakfast. It was a blast to meet such friendly foodies. The next thing you know they were offering us samples of items off their plates. We spent the brunch sharing some goodies and talking about the fantastic food scene in San Antonio. As they were finishing up, we asked them where they would tell a friend to go for dinner. They both knew exactly which place to suggest and it was right there in the Pearl District.


Bar at Supper



Travel is an adventure and meeting warm, friendly people just adds to the experience. We took their suggestion that night and ate at “Supper” in the Emma Hotel. Not only did we love the food, but we also let our new friends know how much we appreciated the suggestion and meeting them. I love connecting with fellow foodies, you always know they will lead you to the best dining experiences no matter where you are.


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